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No Equipment Leg Work Out & the Benefits of Strong Legs

1. Having strong legs will help keep good posture. It’s important because it’ll help keep your back pain-free, reduce muscle imbalances, lower the chance of injury, cause less tension on joints and even help keep internal organs functioning properly.

2. Improves Stamina for Day-to-Day Activities like Walking, groceries, climbing stairs, playing with kids, cleaning and getting off the couch all require movement from the legs. The more you workout your legs, develop cardiovascular endurance in them and strengthen them the easier day to day tasks become.

3. Strengthening legs can reduce the chance of injury. More often than not when injuries happen, it’s because of weaker muscles or imbalanced muscles that didn’t hold their own resulting in damage to the body.

4. Strong and Toned Legs Look Good in both men and women. Strong legs represent masculinity in men and powerful femininity in women.

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