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Top 8 benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

Updated: Jan 25

  1. Improves your cognitive abilities and depression due to it's high Sulforaphane compounds which reduces glutamate levels, which has been linked to cognitive disorders like depression and schizophrenia.

  2. May fight and prevent cancer due to it's high Sulforaphane compounds. It slows the growth of tumors and stops benign carcinogens.

  3. Facilitates fat burning

  4. Improves your immune defenses by protecting against pathogens.

  5. Boosts liver detoxification by boosting phase 2 enzymes and Glutathione.

  6. Lowers Inflammation

  7. High in Vitamin C. A 4 oz serving of Broccoli Sprouts contains 54 milligrams of Vitamin C ( 60% Daily Value) which improves energy levels and fights oxidation.

  8. Supports strong bones by reducing inflammation in the body and protects against osteoporosis.

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