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Vegan Vegetable Stew with Quinoa and Salad

Vegetarian and Vegan friendly, filling and delicious and can be customized, even for meat lovers. Just add your choice of chicken, beef or lamb

Ingredients: Olive oil Garlic(fresh and crushed) Turmeric(fresh and crushed) Ginger(fresh and crushed) Lemon juice ( fresh ) All spice- a delicious blend of spices Fresh black pepper Pink Himalayan salt Red Onions Potatoes Tomatoes(fresh) Cilantro/coriander Cauliflower Yellow squash Tomato paste Organic vegetable broth

Served with: A layered mix of white jasmine rice( but brown is even better) and tricolored quinoa.

A plain mixed salad. Voila! A meal which can be used as a week’s meal prep. Mix it up with the sides , or even with the choice of vegetables.

Bon Appetit

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